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UFC on Fox 5 Prelims: Big Knockout Wins from Yves Edwards and Daron Cruickshank

December 10th, 2012 at 9:49 PM
By Phil Clark

The prelim fights for this past Saturday's UFC on Fox 5 card featured an even mix of fights going the distance and fights with finishes. Of these fights with finishes, all were knockouts of some kind with one lone fight in this batch ending in a non-knockout, non-decision finish.


That fight without a knockout or decision finish was Scott Jorgensen's submission win over John Albert in the very first fight on the card. Jorgensen was able to get Albert to tap out to a rear naked choke with just one second remaining in the first round.


The best knockout of the whole night came in the prelims and came courtesy of a right high kick from Daron Cruickshank. His victim was Henry Martinez and the knockout came a little over half way through the second round.


The fight had an aggressive tone to it and there was damage inflicted and some blood spilled. The moments where action was absent saw a lot of both men being cautious while on their feet. At such a cautious moment in the fight, while Cruickshank was trying to work his front kick into the fight, he unloaded an absolutely perfect right high kick that connected with the side of Martinez's head. The kick was so perfect that Cruickshank raised his arms in victory the moment Martinez hit the canvas. This kick wasn't as devastating as something Mirko Cro Cop used to whip out in fights, but was just as perfectly executed as a vintage Cro Cop KO via high kick.


In the final prelim fight of the card, Yves Edwards put a quick end to a fight that was months in the making. Edwards and Jeremy Stephens were supposed to meet on October 5, but the Iowa authorities and a warrant from an incident involving Stephens from 2011 caused that fight to be canceled hours before it was scheduled to take place.


Both men came out aggressive and swinging. The action and pace were both quick, and the bout ended up being just as quick. With both men looking to land, Edwards caught Stephens in the chin with a right that sent Stephens down. Stephens wasn't out, but Edwards wasn't about to let him get back to his feet. Edwards pounced on Stephens, throwing hammerfists and elbows until he connected with enough of them to stop the fight just shy of two minutes into the opening round.


The other knockout in the prelims came from Abel Trujillo. Against, Marcus LeVesseur, Trujillo gave a fight primarily on the ground an ending on the ground when he trapped LeVesseur near the cage and worked away with knees to LeVesseur's right side and right arm before getting a stoppage victory just under four minutes into the second round.


LeVesseur appeared to want this fight to be contested on the ground, or at least that is if he were the one in dominant position. Such was the majority of the first round with LeVesseur looking to assert such dominance on the ground while Trujillo wasn't as accommodating.


Early in the second round, LeVesseur nearly got caught with a guillotine choke and then a reverse guillotine choke. This occurred when LeVesseur went for a kick, got his foot caught by Trujillo, was then spun by that foot by Trujillo. That opened LeVesseur up to the guillotine, but then his first escape attempt opened him up for the reverse guillotine. LeVesseur eventually got out of that predicament, but Trujillo remained the aggressor and main inflicter of damage until the fight's end minutes later.


Dennis Siver earned himself one of the most dominant decisions based on the judge's scorecards that I've ever seen in MMA history. In thoroughly dominating Nam Phan, Siver earned a unanimous decision victory with scores of 30-24, 30-25, and 30-26, meaning that one judge not only scored all three rounds for Siver, but scored all three rounds 10-8 for Siver. Needless to say, this isn't something that happens at every fight card and should be admired, if not awed upon for several reasons.


Other prelim fights that went to decision were Raphael Assuncao defeating Mike Easton and Ramsey Nijem defeating Joe Proctor.

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